Female teacher fucks student in her ass

In this new video released by Tushy School A student named Gina came to class late for the  third time in a week, and her teacher was very pissed off. Her teacher Lori decided enough was a enough and told Gina she was going to be kicked out of school if she came late again. Gina begged and pleaded with Lori that she would do anything to stay and didn’t want her parents to find out that she would be kicked it out. Lori paused for moment and contemplated what Gina just said. Lori then got a big smile on her face, pulled out a strapon from her desk and asked “anything?”. Gina was shocked but very excited, but agreed that she would do anything just as long as she got to stay in school!

Lesbians in School


Girls-anal-sexWatch as her teacher gives her a lesson she will never forget!

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