Teacher who was a little tipsy plays with her students ass

Ms. Sarah was teaching class in a new scene shot for tushyschool.com. She had one student she really liked and fantasized about. She would always dress in sexy school girl outfits even though it was college. However, she didn’t let her student know until today. She asked her to stay after class to discuss the class and waited for all the students to leave.

teacher is a lesbian

The teacher begins talking to the student how she always dresses naughty and teases the students. She then with out hesitating knowing she can get in big trouble, asked if she ever had her ass licked and if she liked it. 

She never actually had her ass licked even by a guy she was dating. The teacher played our her fantasy and had the student bend over the desk. after locking the door. She then slowly removed her panties. And explained exactly how she was going to lick her ass.

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You want to watch how this professor teaches her student how to properly move a vibrator in her ass. This student is in heaven and begins to play with her clit while she learns alot in this class room.

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